Puthur Sudharsanar Sri. U. Ve. Krishnaswami Iyengar

Prolific Writer, ardent thinker

Since the advent of Sri Ramanuja in the 11th century, the Visistadvaita philosophy has been enriched and propagated by several eminent Acharyas and Scholars all through the centuries.

It is gratifying to note that the 20th century produced eminent acharyas who shed their efforts in disseminating and propagating the doctrine of philosophy of Visitadvaita as profounded by Sri Ramanuja.

Among the galaxy of scholars, Kanchi Prathivadhi Bhayanakaram Annagarachrya, a celebrated nonagenarian, had done great service to Vaishanvism till the beginning of the last decade through his writings and preachings on the texts of Alwars and Acharyas. Next to follow him, is Sri S.Krishnamasway Iyengar, popoularly known as Sudarsanar.

Born in a noble Purvasikha Sri Vaishnava family on Novemebr 28, 1924 in Tiruchirppalli, Sri Krishnaswamy Iyengar was educated both in traditional and professional courses. Although he acquired a Law Degree and practiced for some time, he later turned to religious service. He mastered Visistadvaita texts at the feet of eminent scholars like Sri Kozhiyalam Ranganathacharya Swami at Srirangam. In 1953, he took the Editorship of Sri Vaishnava sudarsanam, a religious monthly journal started by his father in 1948. His involvement in this assignment enabled him tow rite several commentaries for Vaishnava literature. Among the writings, Sri Vishnui Chita Vijayam, runs into more than 2000 pages and it speaks about Vishnu Paratva, through quotations from Itihasa and PUranas. This text also contains Pancha Sukta commentaries. Parasara Vishista Paramadarma Sastra, Sathvika Vijayama, etc. He also established Adi Sankara's devotion to Lord Naryaana through his book Sankarar and Vaishnavam. His another work ion Religion of Tamils ain Sangam Period is a magnum opus. Apart from these, his text on religion of Kamban in two volumes speaks of erudition in Tamil language and literature.

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About Puthur Sudharsanar Sri. U. Ve. Krishnaswami Iyengar in The Hindu in 2.12.1994 by Sri U. Ve. Dr. MadaPoosi Varadharajan Swami.