Velukkudi Sri. U. Ve. Varadachariar Swami (Thai Visagam)

Master of Words

VELUKKUDI VARADACHARYA Swami was a star among the galaxy of Vaishnava scholars of the 20th century. His contribution to the growth of Sri Vaishnavism through his oration and writings during the post-Independence era is outstanding.

Born in a traditional Sri Vaishnava family to Krishnamacharya and Lakshmiammal on January 31, 1921, in Velvikkudi, he had his early education at the S.V. Oriental College, Tirupati, and acquired Nyaya Vedanta Siromani from the University of Madras in 1941. He mastered ancient texts such as Sri Bashya, Vedanta, Gita Bashya, Sri Ramayana, Bhagavat Vishyam, Sri Vishnu Puranam, Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Bashya and so on under many erudite scholars such as H. H. Sadhu Ramanuja Pedda Jeer Swami, H. H. Sriranganarayana Jeer Swami and Karpangadu Venkatacharya Swami till 1953. As an ardent disciple of Karpangadu Venkatacharya, he began rendering discourses in 1946 and echoed his soothing voice that enthralled the audience on different subjects in Ubhaya Vedanta. He presented discourses on "Tiruppavai" more than 75 times; Bhagavat Vishyam 12 times; Sri Bashyam three times and other topics, through the length and breadth of India since 1948, till he breathed his last in 1990. A year-long discourse on "Bhagavat Vishyam" at the birth place of Nammalvar, Alwar Tirunagari, during 1973-74 and a non- stop discourse on "Bhagavat Vishyam" for 24 hours at Chennai in 1985 were remarkable.

The discourses or "kalakshepams" on different topics reveal his ideas in a methodical, simple and assimilable form. For his fluent and powerful use of language, the Bharatiya Purvasika Sri Vaishnava Sabha, Tiruchi, conferred the title `Vak Amruta Varshi' (orator of nectar like sweet words). His astute knowledge in Ubhaya Vedanta was acknowledged by conferring many more laurels like Adhyatmatatva bhoda Bhaskara, Ramanuja Siddanta Divakara, Ubhaya Vedantacharya, Dravidam naya Kamadhenu and so on, by reputed organisations such as the Academy of Sanskrit Research, Melkote.

Besides being a voracious reader of ancient texts, he produced immortal works on Sri Vaishnavism. His works "Sri Bashya Saram", "Arulicheyal Anubhavam", "Ingum Angum", and "Pancha Ratnam" are a treasure for every Sri Vaishnava. His extensive commentary for Alagiya Manavala Perumal Nayanar's ``Arulicheyal Rahasyam'' (14th century) called ``Arulicheyal Rahasya Bhushanam,'' by quoting passages of rare Purvacharya Granthas, is a rare piece. His followers are bringing out audio cassettes of his discourses that were then recorded in a series of books.

About Sri U.Ve. Velukkudi Varadhachariar Swami in the Hindu on the occasion of sathabhishekam in 2001 by Sri U. Ve. Dr. MadaPoosi Varadharajan Swami.